Importance of CAEP Accreditation?

We are in VA. D20 interested in Elementary Education. D20 interested in several 4+1 programs offered where she would either obtain Masters in Teaching (MAT) in 1 yr or Masters in Education (MEd) in 1 yr.

However, new VA regulation in place allowing VA institutions to offer B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education and Teaching.

UMW, CNU, W&M, Radford and Longwood on D20s list (based on stats and fit) - already accepted at UMW, Radford and Longwood - still waiting to hear from CNU (borderline reach) and W&M (reach school).

UMW currently a top pick; however, UMW is NOT CAEP accredited and have discontinued* their 4+1 program. UMW only accredited by the Virginia Department of Education.

*Discontinued due to changes at the state level, and many other universities in the state are making the same move. New programs will be a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Education for elementary or an undergraduate degree in a content area (such as English or Math) and an add-on program for secondary, PK12, or special education.

All others…W&M, CNU, Radford** and Longwood are all CAEP accredited.

**Radford University’s Teacher Preparation Programs are currently going through the process of obtaining accrediation through the CAEP.

So…what exactly are the pros/cons of graduating from a CAEP accredited school with a B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education and Teaching??