Importance of Full-IB to get into top colleges?

How important is taking full-IB to get into schools like Notre Dame, WUSTL, Tulane and UPenn? I feel like I can handle most IB classes, except for the foreign language one. I am worried about how this will impact my GPA - am I better off getting an A in the easier, on-level Spanish class, or a B in the IB class? I also am worried about having to take TOK after school, because it may limit what extracurriculars (such as after-school clubs/sports) I can be involved in. If I don’t do full IB, can I kiss my chances of admission to schools like these goodbye?

Based on the kids at the school DS attended, no, it’s fine not to do the full IB

BUT… you will need to substitute clauses of equal rigor in other subjects AND your GC will still have to indicate that you took the most rigorous schedule.

At our school, most of those kids were very STEM oriented, so they didn’t do FL, for example, to do additional science or math classes at a more advanced level.

As an aside, though, there are tons of great schools with great programs. Don’t twist yourself into knots in high school to please a school that may not admit you anyway. Provided you work hard and push yourself, you can do more of what you like and it’ll lead you to a place where you will be happy.