Importance of Info session at Muhlenberg?

My daughter and i want to visit Muhlenberg. We prefer to visit over the summer, preferably June, because that is when we have free time. In June, there is tour and interview availability. But there are no info sessions. To those who attended the Muhlenberg info session, did you find it helpful? Was it ine of those info sessions that were worthwhile? Is it informative enough that we should pick a different month to visit other than June? As far as info sessions, we have been to 10 other college info sessions so far, and i would say a handful were truly helpful.

Boy, I’d say if you’d been to 10 sessions already, you could probably skip this one. They tend to get repetitive. We visited Muhlenberg, but it’s been awhile. I don’t recall anything about the session.

The info sessions that we have learned unique specialties about the college is when they invite current students as a panel. Clark was like that.

I think you will be fine without the information session but keep in mind that in a summer visit you won’t see students on campus. In general we tried to avoid summer visits so we could see an active, in-session campus but if summer is the only time you can visit then go for it.

Went last year and it was useless. The AO spent almost the entire time asking 20 plus kids where they were

Muhlenberg actually tends to have students around in the summer for classes, research and their summer theater program. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the students you see around as well as the tour guides and admission’s personnel. I find most people around to be friendly and helpful.