Importance of Mu Alpha Theta

<p>Hey everyone,
I was wondering if a Mu Alpha theta Award is a fairly important EC. I got third place (it was a tie breaker, I got the same score as the second place guy) in statistics, and was wondering if you guys could give some feedback.</p>

<p>I was also wondering if it is of similar importance to the amc tests.</p>


<p>Nope, while it's a "good" "EC", it's by no means outstanding.</p>

<p>But with that said, for most Ivies even getting to AIME's isnt particularly jawdropping. Doing WELL on AIME's and getting USAMO is the kind of EC that significantly helps an applicant.</p>

<p>its nothing. only good for the cords for graduation</p>

<p>yeah pretty sure they let a lot of people into "MU ALPHA THETA". its almost a joke that they have some greek name for it as if its an elite club. its nice to show math interest, but not really important.</p>