Importance of Physics in Pre-Med...?

How important is it to take physics in high school, in order to be successful in pre-med oriented courses to get into a medical school. Is it really important to get a good base of physics in high school to be successful in a college physics course…
Cause I am thinking of dropping physics now in high school because I am doing extremely bad in it…
Also if I drop, will college admission officers take it negatively and will it be charged against me in the admission process??..

<p>I think you should stay in it. If you're doing bad in it now, what makes you think that you'll do better in college? If you take physics now, then you'll probably do better when you take in college because at least you'll know the basic stuff (I'm assuming you're still learning, even if you are doing horrible in it). I was kind of in the same situation as you, because I also want to do pre-med, but I thought that I was going to fail AP Calculus AB so I was going to drop it. I stayed in it, and I ended up with a C 1st semester, and a B 2nd semester. This year I'm taking AP calc BC, and I'm pretty sure I'll get an A because I learned a lot of this stuff in calc AB, even if my grades don't show it.</p>

<p>Why not ask a kid in your class for help. Usually that's how I survive physics; I just simply get discuss with another kid in the class.</p>

<p>Besides, biology does have basis in physics. Who knows - we could make a new breakthrough in biology based on a discovery in physics.</p>

<p>But then, I'm colored by my reductionism.</p>

<p>From my personal experience - thinking in physics and biology is very similar. Additionaly It is good to know physics, since it describe EVERYTHING in the world in all scales, and I am sure that many domains of natural sciences could be reduced to physics. I am talking about systems, not about systematics, or some abstract hypotheses.</p>

<p>i love physics :)
and nah, it's not NECESSARY for premed but it teaches you to think abstractly</p>

<p>I think you shouldn't drop it. Just try your best especially if you are in Senior year. My cousins in Medicine have told me that there isnt an exceptional amount of Physics you need and it really isnt bad. There is not much math too!</p>