Importance of SAT IIs

<p>Hey, just wondering what all of you know about this...which does Penn care more about, SAT I or the SAT IIs? I did well on my SATs with a 1550, and pretty decent scores on two of my SAT IIs (750 in the Writing and 720 in Bio), but I took the Math IIC twice and did horribly both times (660 in June and 700 in October). What do you think, how much will this hurt me?</p>

<p>Oh, and btw, I really can't take any more SAT IIs at this point as I am applying ED</p>

<p>what if sat II's help you? can they help make up for a bad score? like if ive gotten a 780 on US history, a 780 on Writing, and 800 on World that gonna help me very much? by the way, i have a 1330 SAT and a 32 ACT. will my good SAT II scores balance out my bad SAT?</p>