Importance of SAT scores

<p>I want to start out as an analyst for either an investment bank or a hedge fund and eventually become a Department head or Portfolio Manager. Is it true that SAT scores play an important role even after college on Wall Street? Does Wall Street not care about the ACT?</p>

<p>When applying for positions and during interviews, you will be asked for your SAT scores. Whether anyone actually cares what they are is a separate question and probably depends from person to person.</p>

<p>If you haven’t taken them, it probably won’t matter, but if you’re worried just take them over the summer. No one will know or care when you took them. Just shoot for a 2250+ and you’ll be fine.</p>

<p>My SAT is a 2080 and my ACT is a 32. If I applied to all the bulge bracket banks for an intership/job, how many will weed me out before the interview?</p>

<p>I dont think they will ding you based on your standardized test scores. Your college gpa is far more important</p>

<p>My father is currently a VP at GS. He said they asked him about SAT scores when he was applying, but they only told him to put down what he “thought they were”. He must have taken the SATs over 30 years ago. I don’t think SAT scores are too important. I would assume college GPA and GMAT play a bigger role. Also, he’s told me the GPA cutoff is pretty much a 3.5 (He said he only sees 3.5-4.33 on resumes. I’m assuming they weed out anyone below a 3.5 before they let him review)</p>

<p>Yes, my D was asked what her SAT score was. She was also asked what her hs average was.</p>

<p>As others have said, I think your college (target?) and college gpa are more important.</p>

<p>I’m a freshman, and I have a 2290 SAT score, which is perfectly respectable. However, it is very unbalanced with a 700 M and a 800 CR and 790 W. This looks especially weird for a banking position. Should I put it on my resume or not?</p>

<p>^i would not suggest putting it on your resume. However, if you are asked for your SAT scores, do not lie. Your scores are not bad. So do not worry.</p>

<p>From my experience, SAT scores do not matter. You can include it on your resume if you like, but not necessary. What matters are
(1) Relevant banking experience
(2) Ability to speak coherently, concisely, and intelligently
(2.5) Connections/Nepotism?
(3) Alma Mater
(4) GPA
(5) School interest/previous participation

(11) SAT Score?</p>

<p>Your college, college GPA, “story,” and whether or not you were a summer analyst between your junior and senior years matter. </p>

<p>If they ask for high school GPA, I doubt it matters if you got a 3.0 but then you got a 3.8 as a Finance major in college. And any SAT score over 2100+ is impressive enough for these interviews, and the spread doesn’t matter. </p>

<p>I’ve never heard, nor will I ever hear, of someone being “weeded out” based on their SAT scores alone. </p>

<p>The most important thing you can do to get an analyst position is getting an internship as a SA.</p>

<p>There are some banking/finance/consulting firms that will specifically ask that your SAT score be on your resume. The most important section on there is probably the math one, so if that one is weak I wouldn’t put the section scores unless they ask for it.</p>