Importance of SAT Writing Section

<p>My SAT's on a 1600 scale is a 1340 (670 CR and 670 Math), which I am happy with. However, my Writing Section high so far is a 580, putting me at 1920, well below what I'd want for my Combined 2400 score. How important is the Writing Section in the GW admissions process? I know some schools value it and others don't at all, where does GW lie? Thanks.</p>

<p>GW is a writing intensive school, so I don't know officially if they look or not, but they do look at the whole application, so if your other parts are ok, you should be fine</p>

<p>I dont know how important they weigh it in a decision but it was alluded to a few times in my application process that since there is a Freshman writing class that they basically reteach you how to write your freshman year.</p>

<p>I strongly believe one section in the SATs won't make a huge difference. GW requries its freshmen to take a University Writing course meant to refine and improve our skills in the area. So certainly, they don't expect us to be the strongest in that section.</p>