Importance of Taking AP English

<p>So I didn't take AP Composition junior year, so I signed up for AP Lit this upcoming senior year. Problem is, I have this awful summer assignment, and so I might be thinking about dropping this god awful class. My reaches are MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia so how would not taking or taking this class affect my chances?</p>

<p>its beyond that man. AP english is the one class that changes your perspective as a human being. I dont know if it is only my school, but those Universal Ideas that they make you look for make you see beyond the obvious. Not only that but it is truly the best class I have taken. Im an upcoming senior as well and defenetly taking Lit. Im not a reader, ill tell you that, but the AP English courses are hands down the best to take. Ive been done with my 13th or 14th AP by the end of next year so I can assure you this is the best class to take.
Second place - AP euro</p>

<p>AP English is probably the most useful class you can take in high school, and I'm glad my sophomore CP English teacher convinced me to take it my junior year. The thing is, no matter what you major in, even if it's engineering or math, you will need to be able to write well not only for college, but for your career, as well.</p>

<p>Yes, unfortunately in my school seniors can only take AP Lit, which is more reading and no writing (right?). So it really wouldn't help me with my writing skills.</p>

<p>You still have to write quite a bit in lit, I believe.</p>

<p>ok, thanks for the suggestions i guess i'll do it.</p>

<p>Is the summer assignment alone causing your trepidation or are there other factors?</p>

<p>the summer assignment mainly, but also because I could get straight A's for my midyear report without it, since I'll probably get a B.</p>

<p>DD told her AP lit teacher senior year that she could do an incredible amount of work and get an A or do very little and get a B. She told the teacher she was shooting for the B and so it went.</p>