Importance UC Personal Statement

I’m just wondering how important it is. Does it have the ability to make a reach school accept you when they otherwise would not? I’m just asking about it because I was looking at the prompts for them and I feel like I could really write very compelling personal statement. The only problem is that I would have to reveal things about myself and my life that I don’t even tell my closest friends and I don’t really ever feel comfortable talking about to anyone. (And I won’t say it on here) But if it has potential to be the difference of an acceptance or rejection to UCLA or UCB I’m willing to talk about it in my personal statement. So I guess my question is how important is the personal statement for the UC Application?

(I’m trying to use my personal statement as a hail mary at UCB and UCLA. My UC GPA is 4.18 (Capped) and 4.36 (Uncapped) but my SAT is only 1870. I’m trying to get it to 2000+ but I’m not sure if that will happen. My Personal Statement is what I’m really trying to just knock out of the park to maybe give myself an outside chance.)

Sometimes… in a situation like yours, where you have a strong GPA but light SAT, it can tip the scales. Particularly if your statement conveys some adversity you’ve overcome. That’s why i encourage people to apply, even if their chances are slim.

Be sure to apply broadly, though. You are obviously a good student and a strong candidate for most of the UCs with your current stats.

Good luck.

I’m hoping that my SAT won’t be “light” by the time I apply or at least something that puts me more in the running (2000+) I’m not really expecting to get in to UCB or UCLA but I figure I may as well give it the old college try (pun intended) and see what happens.

I plan to apply to every UC (except Merced) anyways. But Berkeley and LA are ridiculously hard to get into.