Important Advice for International Students

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<p>i'm writing my SATs on june 3rd, but feel i'm at a disadvantage coz i really havent had much preparation, since there wasnt a sat prep course that i could sign up for near where i live. i was wondering, do international students need exceptionally high scores to get into a reputed college? and will it be a problem that i havent done any SAT II's? and do we have to send in the applications earlier than students who live within the US? i wanna go to college in boston. harvard is probably way outta my league, but i'm still trying for it. i'm also planning to apply to amherst, tufts, northeastern, and boston college. the reason i'm stuck on boston is that i've spent a few months there as part of a student exchange programme, and i fell in love with the city! i've visited other american cities as well, but boston is definitely the place for me. i'm an artist, and some of my courses include world history, political science, economics, english literature, and business math, besides art. however i dont plan to major in art, i would rather take it as a separate course, alongside history perhaps. i havent decided my majors yet, but it probably wont be anything science or math related. i've just finished my junior year, and vacation's almost over, so i'll be a senior soon. it would be really nice if anyone could help me out with how to go about college applications and other stuff, coz i really do have a lot of doubts.</p>

<p>International students need high SATs for top schools. Some schools do not require Internationals to do SAT IIs but some do. Lower CR / WR scores would be expected if English is not your first language. SAT IIs can demonstrate your abilities if your high school is unknown to the admissions committee and they can't judge what your grades really mean.</p>

<p>Order the REAL SATs practice book via amazon and prepare by doing lots of practice tests.</p>

<p>is something like a 630 considered a low writing score if you're an international?</p>

<p>not a low score
but also not a high score</p>

<p>630 would probably be OK if linked to high TOEFL score--but might not make you competitive for very top schools--Top 10 to 20-HYPS etc. On the other hand, 800s in Math Science SATs would probably compensate.</p>

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<p>i am fm myanmar. i wanna study in the US n after that become a financial advisor...but i still dun know what to do. now i am preparing for GCE O' Level...7 subjects...english, maths 1, maths 2, physics, chemistry, biology and accounting...i'll be answering GCE in May, 2007. I am already 15 years old....</p>

<p> wants me to study in sg ...n so he told me to answer GCE....but i can also take the exams of my choice after GCE....and if i really did well in those exams and got scholarships or so fm the US...he said it's my wish if i wanna go to the US.</p>

<p>i hv no idea as to what i should do...can anybody help me solve my problem??? pls...i really need help....what's the easiest way to get into a college in the US...what do i need??...SAT...GMAT...TOEFL???....pls...i need some suggestions....pls help me....</p>


<p>My parents have been in the process of obtaining a green card for quite some time. And it has become clear to me that it will not come true. (My mom just couldn't pass the English tests). So even if the case is pending, am I still considered International?</p>

<p>Hi everybody,
I am already a graduated student and I am currently working on my thesis (doctorate) at a Spanish university. I would very much like to find information on whatever possibilities there are to join a research team on political science / history of politics/ international relations (though I´ve the master´s degree in Philosophy) at a University in the States, preferably the John Hopkins University.</p>

<p>How does it go, in practice? Should I have contacts with a specific professor first?? Is there a chance to combine a job with the research in order to make a living?</p>

<p>Thank you for further helpful advice.

<p>FYI - Canadian citizens don't need to get a visa to study in the US.</p>

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<p>well I know that but what about international students interested in studying in Canada? what do they have to do to study in canada?</p>

<p>i think mostly its like the same in us... search for specific colleges and then apply... university of british columbia is one of the good ones in canada</p>

<p>University of British Columbia is good for high school international seniors coz it gives generous scholarships (global leadership awards)...but for graduated ppl i don't think there are much opportunities i mean aid for internationals...</p>

<p>Do you send your high school transcripts to colleges directly or are they meant to be sent by you Guidance counselor along with the school report and other forms?</p>

<p>No.........I dont think so,as I hav searched UBC's complete site,I could find anything GENEROUS at all................they do offer scholarships but they are VERY VERY limited n so it is very-very compititive..............
n yes u need to send ur transcript via your counsellor...</p>

<p>same with me.. i really cudn't find much of interest in UBC's site...</p>

<p>yeah...UBC is not much of a use...infact I couldn't find much in the whole of canadian universities...</p>

<p>well,CANADIAN unis are considered good internationally for their acadmics n other things,but the only problem is that they dont provide fin.aid.....</p>

<p>yeah....not much bucks in them...</p>