IMPORTANT: Can Colleges see all ACT Scores?

<p>Can colleges see all of your ACT scores or can they request you to self report them all? I know this is true with the SAT, but I wasn't sure with the ACT. </p>


<p>They can always ask you to report them all, but unless they specifically ask you usually just send your best one.</p>

<p>Thanks! For the most part though, top schools only require one score?</p>

<p>Yeah, only one score. Some have special policies if you took the test more than once. Check it out on their websites.</p>

<p>Stanford says that you should send a score report for every act test… Unless you say that you have a financial problem with reporting all of your score reports(since it is a separate fee for each report). If you do not submit a score report, then they ask that you just write down what you scored on the application</p>