Important Early Decision Question

<p>Can you withdraw an Early Decision application after submission but before notification of admission? I'm pretty sure you can do this before the application deadline, but how about after?</p>


<p>I just responded to this same type of question a few days ago... so I'll just paste my response below. FYI, yes you can withdraw your application after the application deadline, but it becomes dicey... read on:</p>

<p>*Actually this is not an uncommon occurrence ... but once again, it depends on the school. You need to think this through carefully because it can have implications that would put you in an unfavorable situation. Many schools don’t have a problem if you have submitted an application ED and soon thereafter (that is, well before decisions and ED applications are processed) want to re-categorize your application to RD, thus releasing you from the binding commitment to matriculate if admitted. (A common reason might be that you’ve re-evaluated your financial situation and don’t feel entirely comfortable with the uncertainty of the financial aid that the school might offer.)</p>

<p>Timing is the key, and since each school has its own timetables, you need to speak with the school about their sentiments. If you want to withdraw your ED application because of a conflict with another Early notification program, or you want to apply ED/SCEA to another school, you would probably be best served to try to re-categorize your ED application to RD, otherwise if you want to withdraw the application entirely, it will reflect poorly on your judgment.</p>

<p>What is the reason for your asking this question? If you are asking this question on your own behalf, I think you should not be applying to any school ED.*</p>