Important housing question: please answer!

<p>Hey guys, i filled out the questionaire from NYU home about housing roomate preferences and i hab a question to ask...</p>

<p>i asked for apt. style (uhall or third north) as my top choices.</p>

<p>I'm not a racist or anything but as a korean, i would like to live with other koreans because i would just feel more comfortable when i'm making food or just culture wise, i would be more well suited. is there anyway NYU takes this into consideration or any forms i can fill out to tell them about this? </p>


<p>No, unless you find a specific person that you then request as a roommate.</p>

<p>i understand your want to be with people like you, but it might do you some good to let others experience your culture too. my best friend is Korean, and before i stayed with her, i had no idea of all of the traditions and things. </p>

<p>although, getting used to the smell of kim-chi might take them some getting used to.</p>

<p>why do you Koreans love each other so much? I know some korean people and they hardly associate with non-koreans (inc. fellow asians). Just branch out a bit, meet someone new..</p>

<p>its not always as easy as that... Last2Acntsbanned. He's not saying he's not going to associate with non-koreans. He's just saying he would be more comfortable if he lived w/ people who probably don't mind the smell of kimchee or whatnot. I have a lot of friends who can't bear the smell of kimchi and I know even they would not room with me for that reason. haha. i am by no means advocating cultural isolation. i.e. i don't think someone who's into hardcore rap will be a good roomy with someone who is into hardcore rock. both will want to play their music out loud and the others may hate them for it. some things just aren't meant to be</p>

<p>you might wanna try to find other koreans who are attending NYU next year, the nyu class of '11 facebook group has a ton of members. Just friend some and msg them asking them if they would like to room with you next year. Then you can both request each other as roommates on your form</p>

<p>Well last2acntsbanned, it's not just a korean thing.</p>

<p>Chinese people bond together too in Chinatown. Same with the Polish in Polish communities, and traditional Italians in Italian communities. </p>

<p>Oh yes, don't forget about the Jews.</p>

<p>It's just a matter of preferance.</p>

<p>Hi I am Korean. </p>

<p>I am Sedevacantist Roman Catholic.</p>

<p>I don't like non-gregorian chant music.</p>

<p>Koreans are so exclusionary. At my school they have a separate parents association. Why don't they go back to Korea if they don't want to associate with anyone here. Yes, I am racist and I don't care!</p>

<p>haha yaka..</p>