IMPORTANT Information About Your 2012-13 Financial Aid Application at UC Irvine

<p>Did anyone else get this message from UCI? Does it mean anything for acceptance. I logged in and it said they had everything they need for financial aid, so why would they send me a message saying they may need additional documents?</p>

<p>I think they sent out that to everyone I just got mine but my application status has not changed. Has anyone else received this email??</p>

Have you been accepted??</p>

<p>Son got the email this morning. I looked up the Fin Aid status and it just said that his FAFSA was received. He was accepted in the first wave on Feb 1st</p>

<p>My status has not changed so I guess so far I am not accepted which seems kind of weird since I have higher stats than many that have been accepted.</p>

<p>My status has not changed either.. I think its for everybody I have a 4.2 GPA and an 1850 SAT and some one with like a 3.45 GPA and 1800 SAT got it as well so if you have higher stats than the ones that have been accepted than I think its fair to say this email was sent to all applicants</p>

Yea I checked my aid status online I think this email was sent to all applicants who listed UCI on their FAFSA and sent it pretty early... I sent mines in the first week of January when did you send yours??</p>

<p>Daughter also received this email.</p>

<p>I got it too I was hoping for an acceptance but it is still "being evaluated"</p>

<p>Has anyone received an acceptance notification after the initial wave (after Feb. 1st)</p>