Important midterm report question

<p>I'm applying to nine schools for transfer and nearly all of them require a midterm grade report. Several of them provide a form that I'm to bring to each of my professors so they can report my grades thus far. However, most of the schools including Cornell, Penn, Brown, and Tufts do not include such a form. Thus, I'm confused how I should get my midterm grades to them. I attend the University of Maryland and we have only been in session for 5 weeks so far. I just took my first round of midterms this week, and our midterm grades won't be available until the end of March. What should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>You send your midterm report whenever grades are available. Don't worry that this will be after the application deadline.... that is often the case.</p>

<p>For schools which don't provide a form.... either copy one of the other schools' forms... with the school logo etc. whited out. Or create a form on Excel or in Word. Format doesn't matter - just obtain the info and the prof initials/signature.</p>

<p>So since I just took midterms, I could model a form after the one that the other schools use, and bring that to the professors next week?</p>

<p>Where does it say that Brown requires a midterm report? I must have missed/cannot find that.</p>

<p>Yes, that will work redsoxgirl. When my daughter transferred last year, she used her grade report for her current term from her information on her school's system. It showed her current classes with a blank space for grades. She had each professor fill in the grade and sign next to the grade. She had no problem with that self made report being accepted.</p>

<p>Cornell does have a mid term transfer form.</p>

<p>Where can I get the Cornell midterm transfer form? I've looked for it on their website, but I can't find it.</p>

<p>For Cornell:</p>

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<p>Does anyone know if Brown does or does not require a midterm report for transfers? I've tried emailing them and calling the office, but I haven't received any response.</p>