<p>Hey, thanks for reading.
I'll be applying next year and I'm out of state
My cumulative gpa will be like a 3.38, however my UC gpa is a 3.6. This is due to a poor freshman year.
I read that the OOS cutoff for UC's is 3.4, which I meet with my UC gpa but not my actual gpa. Does anybody know which one they take into account?</p>

<p>Also, I was born and raised in California, but moved around 12. Anybody have any idea where this makes me stand?</p>



<p>I am pretty sure they only look at your UC GPA, but you should really call them and ask.</p>

<p>Also, while I of course think Davis is a great school, are you sure you (or your parents) want you to go there as an out of state student? The tuition is 3 times as much and the total cost of attendance will be around 50k. Since it is a public school, there probably won't be much aid offered.</p>

<p>bump, will do
money isnt really an issue, but good point</p>