important question EA help please

<p>The EA deadline for one of the school's im applying to (Maryland) is 11:59pm tonight, nov. 8th.. so im about to send it, but under payment it says effective payment date 11/9/2011 ! does that mean that my whole application will be postmarked nov. 9th and ill miss the extended deadline for early action????????</p>

<p>help anyone who knows this...</p>

<p>I would say the reason no one is answering you is that you posted in the wrong place. This is a thread for Columbia University.</p>

<p>No, if you submitted your application Nov 8, then you didn't miss the deadline---even if your payment is postmarked for the next day. Payment has nothing to do with submission of application</p>

<p>Plus, they are happy to receive your application. They aren't going to witlessly penalize you -- they actually want to read your file. Stop panicking.</p>