Important question on application 'types'

<p>Is it okay to submit a paper application for a particular college when, at the same, you have an online application for the same school which is unfinished?</p>

<p>I think that this will confuse the admissions office. Have you actually submitted the online application? If so, why did you submit an incomplete application? If you have more information to add to your online app, I would just send the updated information rather than send in a seperate paper application. You may want to call the admissions office and ask them what is the best way to add or amend information on your online application.</p>

<p>no, i meant like i have started an online application and have decided to not apply that way anymore. instead i will use paper application, but will that confuse them upon submitting my paper application? Will they be confused like thinking i have an incomplete online application?</p>

<p>If you don't hit the submit button on the application, then the college will never know you started one. They only look at the applications that are actually submitted. So don't worry about it and go ahead and submit the paper one.</p>