Important question on Official Transcript!

Okay, I am an international and our school works different than US high schools. My international school follow the British system, so we actually have 3 terms in a year (ie tri-mester). When you guys send your transcript in the US, your semester grades (twice a year) are reflected, so you have a total of 6 sets of grade reports from freshman to end of junior, right?

For us, we are given reports like twice a term, totalling to 6 per year. My question is, am I allowed to average out all of these reports and record them on a sheet (as the transcript), instead of sending all the reports. So there’ll be 3 sets of yearly average reports from freshman to end of junior. Is sending just a summary sheet of yearly averages allowed?

<p>i know it's a bit long, but someone please help? thanks!</p>

<p>Okay Please someone I desperately desperately want someone to clear this up :(</p>

<p>call and ask... i wouldnt avg them....</p>

<p>The "Offocial transcript" has to come directly from your school - it is not something you can put together. Talk to your shool office, and ask them to handle it.</p>

<p>Yes, the school takes care of the official transcript. Do not put it together yourself. Most official transcripts do contain all the classes you have taken, the grade received in each class, usually your rank, and usually your test scores. If the school is on a semester-system, then it will list all the classes for each semester (thus, if you're taking the same class each semester, it will just list the classes twice). However, each school sets up their transcripts differently. As for the official transcript, the school places it in an envelope and draws some sort of seal or signature on it--you're not allowed to open it.</p>

<p>My school really has no real sense of what a transcript is like. I mean the IB coordinator or the counselor is so totally in UK unis that all he does was just give us a chunk of the short reports we receive (7-8 in a year!) I called some unis up and they siad it was fine to do averages in this instance, but they do want a predicted grade for the IB too. It's weird I don't know what to do?</p>