Important question to those who applied to UCB in the past!

<p>I am a CC student right now in PA, and next spring will be my last semester.
My major is computer Science, and currently i have a 4.0.
I really wanna go to California and UCB is pretty much my dream school.
According to their course requirements for CC students(Transfer</a> Requirements | EECS at UC Berkeley), I am in a good shape. But I just found out that they requires 2 Cal based physics for their engineering school, which is where CS will be in. And my schedule doesnt allow me to take two cal physics, I am taking Cal Physics 1 next semester, and thats it, I have no time for Cal Physics 2.
So my question here is, since this is the ONLY course I wont be able to complete, by any chance they will let it slide and I will still potentially be able to get accepted???
This is really frustrating, I guess i didnt arrange my time and schedule the right way...
So if somebody knows, please help me out! Id really appreciate it!!!</p>

<p>Have you considered applying to L&S for CS? You don’t have the physics requirements.</p>

<p>Whats L&S?</p>

<p>L&S is the College of Letters and Science (what you would normally see as the College of Arts & Sciences at other schools).</p>

<p>You’re going to be missing more than just Physics 2 when you transfer in. Expect to have to catch up on a LOT of lower div classes. CS61ABC, CS70, EE20N, and EE40 are all incredibly unlikely to transfer, and you’ll probably have to take those 6 classes. The same goes for most California CC classes of course, it’s not just an OoS problem so you’re still on a pretty level field.</p>

<p>If you don’t care for EE and don’t need to be ABET accredited, consider looking at Letters & Science’s Computer Science degree. It’s the BA version, and for all practical purposes it’s the same as being in EECS and focusing on software. But it’s a bit easier to get into (with some declaring headaches later on) and has different requirements for transfers. So, if your coursework lines up better with that, and you don’t want to do EE, it’s worth looking at.</p>

<p>As for physics killing your chances… well, honestly it’s already a real toss up. You’re out of state. EECS is competitive. A 4.0 doesn’t guarantee you’ll get in, nor does having all the pre-reqs completed. None of us can really guess how missing one class’ll affect you. You may also be able to double up on physics classes, if you’ve got room in your schedule and the CC allows it. But even if you can’t take it you should still apply (either as EECS or L&S CS).</p>

<p>Here is the description of the L&S CS major:
[Undergraduate</a> L&S CS Students | EECS at UC Berkeley](<a href=“]Undergraduate”>CS Major Information | EECS at UC Berkeley)</p>

<p>Note that L&S has its own requirements in addition to major requirements:
[Office</a> of Undergraduate Advising: Summary of Degree Requirements](<a href=“]Office”></p>

<p>As an out-of-state transfer student, you may not know beforehand which courses will be accepted for subject credit for the various requirements.</p>

<p>Also, the price will be high since financial aid will not cover the $23,000 additional out-of-state tuition.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot guys. This is so frustrating.
And UCB’s phone line sucks incredibly. It fells like they never pick up ur phone call.</p>

<p>Failure622, thanks a lot man. R u a current UCB student? Was that what happened to u?
Did you let you get in and catch up those low div classes? If you let u do that, then missing a Cal Physics 2 should not be a BIG deal i think?..</p>

<p>Yes, I transferred into EECS last year. The lower div classes are all pretty hard to find outside of Berkeley, so most transfers need to catch up. I ended up (re)taking all 6, though I might have had partial credit for some of them. I doubled up 61A and 61BL over the summer (bad combination), took 61C, 70, and EE20N in the Fall, upper divs in the spring, and then EE40 last summer. So, it does take quite a bit of time to catch up. It’s pretty common for transfers to take a fifth semester, summer classes, take things out of order, etc to graduate on time. But those classes everyone is missing. Physics is one more class (that other students will have completed) that you’ll need to catch up on.</p>

<p>But I figured I should mention that you’ll have to take the lower divs after transferring since it’s not quite as obvious when you’re looking at the school from OOS. I think L&S makes you retake a lot of classes as well, though I’m not quite as familiar with those policies.</p>

<p>WOW then i think i might still be cool??
Did you lack any required class when u were trying to transfer?
WOW ur the man bro! This is so fcking helpful!..! Do you mind give me your email address? I have quite a few questions…(if you do not mind…)</p>

<p>current students: Is it easy to change major within l&s?</p>

<p>If so, what’s the fastest/easiest way?</p>

<p>For changing major within L&S: [Office</a> of Undergraduate Advising: Changing Majors](<a href=“]Office”></p>

<p>If the new major is a capped major (listed with # at [Office</a> of Undergraduate Advising: List of Majors](<a href=“]Office”>, but it is out of date since L&S CS is now capped as well), then you need to apply to the major as specified by the department.</p>

<p>Berkeley CS 3.0 GPA? </p>

<p>That doesn’t seem too difficult. But, it is Berkeley. Do you or anyone know the success rate of getting that 3.0 to get into LS comp sci?</p>

<p>Also, I may be exempt from math 1A because of AP credit. Will Berkeley let me take it again just to boost my GPA to get into CS?</p>