Important Question

<p>I've started assembling materials for different prep schools, but I realized that their online applications don't begin till September. However Exeter has the info and forms from last year, as well as the essay prompts. I started writing them, but I don't want to write the wrong essays. Do the essay prompts change every year, or do they stay the same each year, and the forms just update.</p>

<p>They generally change from year to year. Sometimes the essay topics are similar, but you should just wait until September because you don't want your hard work to go to waste!</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure SevenDad's daughter ended doing something like that and didn't realize the prompts changed until the night before they were due, so I would definantly wait. For now, just try thinking about what "picture" you want to portray to the AOs. Be yourself, but make a list of your strong points that you would like the AOs to know about and make sure to highlight them in your essays. The prompts do change every year, but ballerina22 is right (from what I have heard) about the prompts being similar. Only because they still want to get to know who you are. The essay prompts aren't too linear from what I have seen, so I guess it's possible to adapt what you wrote before into the other essay prompts.</p>