Important! Summer Term Question!

<p>Okay. So I applied to Cal Poly SLO for Fall 2008. I talked to my counselor today about my worries as far as getting in, and she suggested I apply for the Summer term, because if I get into the summer school, I'm in for the rest of the terms.</p>

<p>So I go to apply, and CSU Mentor (application website) tells me that I can't apply to Cal Poly again, because I've already applied for "all available terms."</p>

<p>Does this mean that I've technically already applied for summer school? </p>

<p>Any help here? :( Even if you don't know what school or website I'm talking about, any input is helpful.</p>

<p>no - you can't apply for summer term until February. CSU Mentor is telling you that you have applied for all available terms that are open. </p>

<p>Summer application doesn't open until February. Go here: Cal</a> Poly > applications/deadlines. Summer application opens on February 1 and closes February 28. </p>

<p>There is a possibility that you will not hear back from Cal Poly for your fall application to apply for summer. Don't risk it - apply by the end of February for the summer if you haven't heard. </p>

<p>Your counselor is right. Its much easier to get in for the summer session than fall.</p>