Important Teacher Rec Questions

<p>One of my teachers isn't the best writer in the world and for my recommendation, I think he basically wrote about how I would be so successful at top schools (b/c of intelligence and work ethic..etc)
He also said how I was doing so well in the hard AP class and how ppl from previous years didn't even achieve as much got into like Harvard and stuff and blah blah blah...but nothing that really stands me out from the class. Is that kinda a bad rec then?
I can get rid of this one and get another teacher to write me one. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>ANd I'm going for schools like HYPSM</p>

<p>Well... if you've read around on the boards about recs, you'd know my very strong opinion about the fading confidentiality of the recommendations. I, personally, because I have tremendous respect for the teachers who write my recommendations, would never think of throwing away a recommendation a teacher has worked hard on just because it may not be written beautifully.</p>

<p>If it doesn't sit on your conscience like it would for me, then, sure, go right ahead. It can certainly turn out to be a mediocre recommendation, and you can certainly tell the teacher not to send in the recommendation to your HYPSM schools.</p>