<p>i just started studying for SAT math II and bio because of some issues i've had to deal with. is it possible to get an 800 on both if i work really hard? and by hard how many hours or how much studying would you suggest?</p>

<p>Well, I just started studying on Friday and I'm pretty confident that I'm going to get a high score on them. I guess it just depends on how much prior information you have. To me, by now you either know the math concepts, kind of know them and need a quick brush-up, or don't know them at all. If you fall into the first or second category, I would suggest getting either a Barrons or PR book to help you review, probably Barrons since you are going for an 800. I've been going through the entire book and doing all of the example problems and lessons and practice tests, and pretty much giving myself a quick refresher. If you do that all day for about two or three days you should be fine. (:
I don't know about bio though, sorry.</p>

<p>yeah i kind of know them so i think i will do that thank youu :)</p>