Impressed by visit!

<p>My daughter visited Flagler recently, and I just wanted to share my positive impressions since there's not a whole lot of discussion here. We were extremely impressed with the school, and she's seriously considering early decision (she's currently a HS Junior). The town was great, she liked the non-party atmosphere (though it looks like plenty of fun stuff to do), and the facilities are quite different (in a nice historical way). The interview was low key and pleasant, and the tour guide really showed his love for the school. I think the small classes and personal touch would be a great support for her. She's hoping to travel back next fall to do a classroom observation, and I hope she becomes a Saint!</p>

<p>I applied Regular Decision. It's my only school I applied to in Florida, but I use to live in Florida for ten years. I now live in Georgia.</p>

<p>Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit :)
I'm a junior there at the moment so please fell free to PM if you've got any questions!</p>