Impression of Baylor community?

I have a week to put in my enrollment deposit and I’m starting to really take a deep dive into the colleges I was accepted into. I really like the look of the school but I had a few questions about the community.

First off I’ve heard there’s a lot of clique-iness and I was worried about people still carrying themselves in a better-than-you kinda way?

Secondly I plan on doing ROTC and I wanted to know what the opinion of the AFROTC is and how separate they are from most other people on campus.

Next I was worried about the party scene. I’m not looking for a party school but I still want to have some of that experience, and I’ve read a few stories about Baylor police shutting it down before anything can really happen. I know it’s a christian school but it’s still a college.

Lastly I was wondering about Waco as a whole. I’ve heard it’s not the nicest and while I’m not too worried about my safety I’m more worried about stuff to do outside of school.

From what I’ve heard there are almost no parties at Baylor and there are so many memes about Baylor students volunteering for fun on the weekend.

Waco isn’t that big, but in Waco you are exactly 1.5 hours from both Dallas and Austin.

Apparently a huge number of women at Baylor are there looking for husbands and expect to be engaged by senior year.

I wouldn’t say that people there think they’re better than you, but there are many people there from very wealthy families who may subconsciously give you that impression.

Texas is considered to have the 4th nicest people out of any state, but the closer you go to the cities in Texas, the meaner people get. You shouldn’t have any problems in Waco.