Impressions of IUPUI

We visited IUPUI yesterday; D17 is interested in Media Arts. We got to meet with people from admissions and advising, as well as a few current students.


Nice campus. Lots of green space for an urban campus. Very close to a vibrant downtown.
The students (who are of course hand picked for this event) were enthusiastic about the Informatics school. They report accessible faculty who work closely with the students.
Lots of good toys in the Informatics building. :slight_smile:
Opportunities for internships were represented to be plentiful.
Lots of places to sit and plug in your devices (necessary for a commuter school, obviously)
Only four other Informatics students at this session, allowing for lots of personal interaction.
Flexibility of programs. Can shift emphasis/major without too much problem.


Some organizational SNAFUs, which seems common for IUPUI (they need to have an Informatics student overhaul their website, for one thing!)
Did not get to see inside the dorms - I didn’t really understand why.
Food court gets reeeeeeaaaaaaaly crowded at noon.

At the moment it has held its spot in D’s hierarchy, tied for first with Bradley.

I’ve been to IUPUI and used to work downtown near the campus. Over the past 10 years its seems to have really developed and grown. As far as the area goes, I like the area and there are a lot of great things around the campus, plus the Indy 11 soccer team plays there on campus. I don’t know much about the school but I hear more people locally who are looking at the school. A few years ago I had heard they were trying to beef up the dorms to provide more housing for students to live on campus. Can’t help you about the actual school programs but as far as the area and campus goes it seems like a nice setting.

The Tower freshman dorms at IUPUI are the literally the best housing in the Midwest. 2 years ago the school refurbished a 4.5 star hotel into huge rooms and LLC’s. WE looked at Ball State, Butler, Bloomington, Fort Wayne and Hillsdale. IUPUI won out.

My son got full tuition at every school he applied to, and he chose Indianapolis. He goes to concerts, Indy 11, Pacers, IUPUI, Butler, Indians and everything else that the city has to offer. Museums, cuisine, concerts etc. Last weekend was the Regatta, what a blast!

The TOWER is awesome. It is connected to everything on campus, and without ever needing to go outside.Connected by tunnels and gerbil tubes. Very cool. You must literally apply the first day. I think it is November 1. At least go check it out, and ask for an individual tour.