Impressions of QU

Hi everyone,

For some reason QU is not a school that is well known in our area even though it is fairly close. We only learned of it because someone on this forum suggested it. We have visited twice, once for a tour and once for open house. My D loved it and is seriously considering it for pre-med.

Her only true concern is that it seems very “preppy” and “sporty” and she is much more of a nerd-girl. Loves all things Syfi and D&D etc. She also loves theater, improv, ect.

Would she be able to find a group like here there? She has so far loved all the staff and professors she has met, but hasn’t really had much opportunity to connect with other students.

I would love to hear your thoughs about this as well as any thoughts about QU for pre-med in general. Thanks!

Hey @gallentjill! My D is not sporty at all and totally a theater kid. She minored in it (majored in nursing and has a great job!). Great group of students - she was able to write plays, produce, act, stage manage, etc. There are theater productions on campus and also off-broadway which was fun to be a part of. D was also part of A Capella. There are a lot of majors in the media/communications area.

Great experience - PM me if you want. School is great for any health sciences, business, and communications-type majors. My S19 is pre-med and biochem and he really liked QU. They just started a 3+1 biology major so you can get your masters in bio in 4 years. I am still learning about pre-med in general and did ask a lot of questions at the tour we went for D19. After watching their involvement with health sciences for four years and chatting with staff, I am confident that he will be well prepared if he decides to go there.

Thanks @cakeisgreat! I’m going to show this to my D. She loves QU but was a little worried about some of the things she has read. I will PM you soon.

Hi. My daughter (now 2nd year at QU) worried about this same thing. She says there is definitely a good share of preppy/snooty kids (espically girls - her words) on campus she says that there are plenty of ‘normal’, ‘nerdy’, and down to earth types too. While not a huge school in terms of student numbers there are plenty enough students where a new kid can find like minded friends.