<p>Just thought I'd share with you guys, since I found this rather impressive... Appearently one person somewhere in Southern California (I want to say Ocean Side) became the only person to score perfect on both the old and the new SAT. I heard it on the news and was rather impressed by it...</p>

<p>Interesting part of the interview was a comment by the dean of Harvard, who said that a perfect SAT score is NOT a free ticket into college, but a good start... The report then went to talk about all the luck involved in the test, which did somewhat deminsh his accomplishments.</p>

<p>lol, why would anyone want to retake SATs after getting a 1600.</p>

<p>Was this confirmed by ETS? </p>

<p>It's so...not likely to only be one person.</p>

<p>wow. dats interesting. my friend got a 1600 on the old SAT and told me it was all luck for him. He said that he was thinking about leaving 2 blank but then, he said he just used common sense and guess on 2. I guess he got them right</p>

<p>ah, found the story. </p>

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<p>rExRuN, you don't have to get every single question right to get a perfect score. You can miss one or two questions and still get a perfect score. Well, that depends on when you take it because the scoring system is slightly different from test to test based on how test takers do on each test.</p>

<p>^ yea i know that. He said he was confident on all the answers except the 2. I am assuming he guessed them right. (was verbal)</p>

<p>"lol, why would anyone want to retake SATs after getting a 1600."</p>

<p>So he could apply to the University of California which will only be taking the NEW SAT.</p>

<p>It's unclear whether he was the only one in California, or nationwide.</p>