improving 100+ points on SAT

<p>can i improve my scores for verbal from a 550 to a 700+ in just 20 weeks?
what about tmath from a 600 to a 700+?</p>

<p>if i do all the problems in barron workbook and kaplan, is this enough for me to go up?
or should i take classes from a tutor.. if then what kind of math should i be focusing on?? </p>

<p>what about verbal..?there's no way a tutor can improve a person's critical reading..i already know aall the straegies ..have taked myriad practice tests....what else ccan i do?????????</p>

<p>i am interested in people's score improvements from doing practice tests...</p>

<p>type your math and verbal
and ur improved scores like this for example</p>

<p>M: 600/740
V: 550/690</p>

<p>please also type in the amount of TIME IN WHICH you improVed and how much time each day u studied</p>

<p>Abstract, I definitely think it's possible, especially for math. As for verbal, you should take some diagnostic tests and see where you are losing points (sentence completions, short reading, long reading, 2 passage sections), and more specifically from the reading passages (vocab-in-context, primary purpose, and so forth). Honestly, I personally thought that Kaplan's effort on the Critical Reading (or formerly known as Verbal) section was a little weak. I thought that their practice drills/questions were easier than the norm. At any rate, math is definitely a subject/section that you can improve on in 20 weeks.</p>