Improving math score

<p>For some reason, my math score is always considerably lower than those of the other SAT sections. My math is always in the mid 600s while my CR and Writing are in the mid to high 700s. I feel like my math is hurting my overall score a lot but I've also been told that it's the easiest to improve.</p>

<p>Any tips? Any good books I can use? I know I'm capable of doing well on the Math. It doesn't even make sense :( I'm at the very top in school math, but I totally fall behind during the SATs.</p>

<p>Any help is appreciated. Thank you! :)</p>

<p>I'll pass along my D advice. Use the College Board bluebook. Practice taking the exams in a timed session. Go back to each problem you missed and understand WHY you didn't get it right. Practice does pay off!</p>

<p>ccforlife is completely right. Practice, practice, practice.</p>

<p>I know! I've been practicing, that's the thing. I go to SAT programs and such, and that's how I improved my writing and CR.</p>

<p>But are there any books dedicated to just SAT math? I wouldn't want to buy a huge SAT practice book when I'm already taking a practice SAT pretty often; I'm just looking for extra practice on math. Any suggestions? And thanks for replying!</p>