Improving my Singing

<p>After long fights and days, I'm still in band. In other words, I'm in a christian rock band. We do covers of different songs, we rarely write our own lol. Anyway I got into a huge fight with the leader because I couldn't hit a note correctly. (The only reason I joined is because my dad made me, I had no say.) </p>

<p>He singled me out, and embarrassed me in front of everyone! I can't sing that well. Notes on a piece of paper don't tell me anything. That's why I play piano because my voice and musical notes don't match. It was a the male parts in Prince of Peace and my voice couldn't get to the right pitch, sound, note or whatever. Also I'm tired of the girls in the band stare and talk about me. I told the people I couldn't sing, and stuff like that, but they say:
"Oh no you'll get better! </p>

<p>Me: "When will that be?" Or.. </p>

<p>They say: "You can do it, don't worry"</p>

<p>Me: "No I can't." I tried to tell them that my voice (as a guy) I can't hit high notes, it hurts my throat, and the leader said that if I can't hit those notes, we won't do Prince of Peace and the girls get mad or frustrated. </p>

<p>How can improve my singing?</p>

<p>Sigh. 3rd time’s the charm (I’ve responded to this thread twice, both times my internet decided to disconnect right when I posted).</p>

<p>Is transposing the song or dropping the octave a possibility?</p>

<p>If your school has a choir teacher (I may or may not remember a previous thread by you saying you hated chorus… might have been someone else), you may be able to ask him/her for advice.
Could you possibly take voice lessons?</p>

<p>Learning solfege helps a lot with reading music while singing. Seriously. I thought I’d never be able to sight-sing (I play piano as well), but my school hired a new choir teacher and she shoved it down our throats… eight months later and I can kind of sort of do it.</p>

<p>What specifically are you trying to improve? Breath support, diction, range… all of the above?</p>

<p>All of the above. I’m in my church choir also (tenor) and I have the same issues as band. I’m a dude and hitting a high F is hard… more like killer to my voice. And in the chorus, the high F comes quickly and it’s hard for me to reach it on time. I tried singing it a lower octave, but I wasn’t allowed. The leader says it ruins the quality of the song.</p>