Improving SAT math score?

I took the PSAT 10 in March 2016 and scored a 1230, but my May 2016 SAT was 1350. I did virtually no practice for the PSAT but took two months of heavy critical reading and writing practice and improved 60 points in both the math and CR parts of my SAT (700 CR and 650 Math). Realistically, I could improve on math a lot more (I did 4 practice tests in CB books, but that was the only math practice I did) and I plan on taking the test twice this year, in December and June. If I dedicate those 4-10 months of 2-4 times a week math practice as well as an A/B precalc class in school and subject test prep, is it unattainable to score another 100 points in math? Is there anything you recommend for answering questions more quickly (that was my biggest problem) and covering the concepts tested?