In Dier need of a chance

<p>I recently visited the campus of Upenn and fell in love... If anyone would give me a chance or some advice it would be greatly appreciated. </p>

<p>LOCATION: South Carolina, Large Public High School - 2300 students</p>

<p>ETHNICITY: Indian</p>

<p>GPA/RANK: 4.0 UW / 5.1 W Rank: 3/510</p>

<p>My GPA for this year is a 5.4 UW. I will have taken 14 AP classes by the time I grraduate. </p>

<p>SATS: (Weakness) </p>

<p>680: Math
640: Verbal
660: Writing</p>

<p>1320/1980 (Plan to take again) </p>

<p>SAT II's: </p>

<p>760: US History
710: Biology E</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:</p>

<p>Youth In Government: Youth Governor of South Carolina
I am the state governor of a program with over 1200 participants which seek to mock government. I am instrumental in making chance, I have started programs at several schools thus far, and made several improvements in the program. </p>

<p>Speech and Debate: Captain of largest team in SC
State Champion, National Forensic League Tournament Qualifier. Received Degree of outstanding distinction, several other awards. </p>

<p>Boy Scouts: Currently carrying out my Eagle Project with the Red Cross, I am a Den Chief, i go to cub scout meetings and help them out, and i have had several positions in boy scouts over the last 5 years. </p>

<p>Vision 2020: i was recently selected to work with a team of students to design a new science center in my town. </p>

<p>Youth Leadership Greenville: selected among a group of students, leadership club basically. </p>

<p>Found of Model United Nations in my school</p>

<p>Several other EC's, i thought i would highlight wats most important, because thats what colleges care about. </p>

<p>That's my basic resume, any advice is greatly appreciated. I kno my Sat's are low, i checked UPenn website and its basically barely in the middle 50 percent of students. but i figure with a really strong GPA and stellar EC's with leadership i would have a chance???? thanks</p>

<p>you are just like me. I had Everything.... Everything including a horrible act score . I was deferred and then rejected. good luck. penn likes tests</p>

<p>You're an Asian with a way below average SAT score...good luck.</p>

<p>its not WAY below average</p>

<p>nmehta4: don't lose hope because of your SAT scores. i, too am an asian (only half) but that's still what i applied as to penn- i got the same score on the SAT as you the first time, but the second time it went up to a 2070. I didn't apply early, but only RD and was waitlisted. The rest of your app looks good, get those scores up and apply ED and i think you have a shot.</p>

<p>nmehta, your SATs are way below average for incoming asian students at Ivy League universitites</p>

<p>it's spelled dire</p>

<p>i guess that explains the writing score</p>

<p>wow thanks, a 660 is really really bad</p>

<p>I think you guys should stop criticizing nmehta4's scores, my asian unhooked cousin got in with scores similar to yours with good ec's but nothing fantastic, you definitely aren't out of the running. Although, since you scores aren't particularly strong, just prep for the next sat test.</p>

<p>nmehta4: I guess you're just expecting a "you-can-probably-get-in" type of answer. I'll just make you happy by saying that you can definitely get in. If I were you I would listen to their opinions and work hard and improve my SAT scores (especially your Math).</p>

<p>Remember, the University of Pennsylvania website only states the 25th ~ 75th percentile range for EACH CATEGORY. Some people get high mark on for example, math and writing but screw up reading. You're not even close to middle 50th consider the whole picture of your score.</p>

<p>For some encouraging opinions, your ECs and your GPA are excellent. I wish you the best luck on your next SAT. I also recommend you to take Math IIC if you wish to apply for Wharton or SEAS or other schools involving mathematics.</p>

<p>Anecdotal evidence is useless. His scores are very low for Penn- 100 points below average on a 1600 scale- and there's no debating that. It's obviously the weakest point of his application and if he doesn't raise them, he has almost no chance.</p>

<p>Try the ACT; a lot of people, myself included, just aren't very good at the SAT. The ACT is, well, different...</p>

<p>If you can claim you're American-Indian (as in native american) instead of Indian, then you'd be a shoo-in</p>

<p>lol guess i wont be applying</p>

<p>don't apply just because people on cc tell you you don't have a shot. the last time i checked, none of us are on the admissions committee so actually, our opinions don't really matter. go for it- what have you got to lose?</p>

<p>70 dollars</p>

<p>Please go for it.</p>

<p>Believe it not, there are people with 2000's running around at Harvard, let alone Penn.</p>

<p>Don't be deterred so easily! If you fell in love with Penn like you said, then you should apply. Write some stellar essays and bring up your SAT or ACT scores as much as you can. The rest of your application looks good.</p>

<p>why don't you just retake the SAT? you have a really crappy score compared to the other people applying but if you can improve 100-200 points, you have have a really good shot at getting in</p>

<p>take it from someone whose been in a simlar situation: if you love penn as much as you say you do and don't apply, you will be kicking yourself next may wondering what would have happened if you'd applied. keep good thoughts.</p>