In dire need of AP Comp Sci help

<p>Ok so I'm enrolled in AP Comp Sci next year, but I've never done ANY computer programming. I have not the slightest idea on anything related to comp sci.</p>

<p>What summer work can I do that would make me a good student next year? Like beginning stuff.</p>

<p>Any resources that you can point out? It'd be SO helpful!!!!!</p>

<p>Java</a> Programming</p>

<p>Doing the first chapter should be more than enough. I don't know about your class, but my FLVS AP Comp Sci class started from the very basics of programming. I've never programmed before, but I'm prospering in the class.</p>

<p>Thanks, that's giving me a bit of hope. My teacher told me to know the basics of Java and go over and/or, I'm definitely trying to get it all down because I don't want to waste my summer!</p>

<p>You should try to get access to a beginner's textbook. eIMACS has a really good online, interactive textbook to go along with AP Computer Science A, but I don't know how much it costs; we get free access when we take the class on FLVS.</p>