In general, how hard is it to change majors?

<p>The question is in the topic...I already sent out applications for 7/10 schools I'm applying to declaring Computer/Electrical Engineering as my major, but just realized how interested I am in Operations Research. It sounds stupid, but I had never really realized what OR was until I just decided to check it out in the Cornell viewbook and then saw a few recent topics about it on here. I always wanted to do something with Computer Engineering and combine some business and maybe go for a graduate degree in economics or business, but am kind of fascinated by OR (and feel like I may be more interested in that than ECE)</p>

<p>Anyway - I'm sure it varies by school - but does anyone have experience with possibly switching majors after a year or a semester (or hell, before even enrolling?)? I applied to:</p>

<p>Cornell ED (I'm pretty sure it's easy to switch here)
Cal-Berkeley (applied for EECS, which is supposedly the hardest to be admitted to...)
U. of Rochester
U of Washington
Colorado-Boulder (already accepted)
And sending applications to:
Carnegie Mellon</p>

<p>pending a decision from Cornell. </p>

<p>Thanks for any info or advice...</p>

<p>Dont know about the other schools, but if you get into EECS at CAL/LA it's not overly difficult to transfer out. On the other hand, if you decide you want back in, wellllll...</p>


<p>Ha, thats what I would think...only problem is that I wrote my essay on how I am passionate about computer engineering, which I am, but I'd also be interested in OR. EECS is probably tougher to get in than OR, but oh well :o.</p>

<p>I guess if somehow I get in to EECS I can change if I wanted to.</p>