in love with yale. chances, advice.

–Rising Senior
–Small Private School

–GPA so far: 3.83 U/4.1 W
–PSAT: 226
–AP Scores so far (keep in mind I haven't gotten them back for jr. year): 5 in AP English Language</p>

–AP Classes: English Lit, European History, Chemistry
–next year: Biology, Calculus, French, US History
–Awards: Freshman- top student in French and Adv. English II
Sophomore: Writing award for History
Junior: Smith College Book Award for English
–Math Team: Sophomore year, 6th place regionally. Junior year, 9th place regionally</p>

–9th, 10th grade: speech team (cont'd from middle school)
–9th grade: Varsity Track and Varsity Cross Country, MV Field Award for Track
–10th grade: Varsity FH
–Theatre: Since 5th grade. Started after school conservatory as a sophomore- Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-6 and 6, 7 plays by graduation. Intensive program at Carnegie Mellon this summer
–– Senior Project: directing the school play (our previous director left the school and we can't afford to hire a new one)
–Weekly Voice Lessons- I'll submit a tape as a supplement
–Creative Writing: accepted to Governor's School for Arts summer after sophomore year, took Creative Writing class, an assistant editor for the literary magazine junior and senior year. Will submit writing supplement.</p>

–I've been a year advanced in English all through high school.
–I write very strong essays (I know everyone says that, but I promise I do)</p>

<p>Potential Gap Year with Americorps</p>

<p>Thank you! Please post a link if you'd like me to chance back</p>

<p>i know it's a long shot, but...</p>

<p>Your ECs aren't impressive, and with great test scores (kuddos), a solid GPA, and a challenging schedule, ECs are important. Remember, most kids applying to Yale will have similiar stats: ECs make you different. I fail to see how your ECs make you special.</p>

<p>However, I'm not an expert. I appologize if this was harsh!</p>

<p>Of course, the best of luck to you!</p>

<p>Awesome test scores and GPA. It's true that your ECs could be better but I do see some sort of passion (theatre, right?). Passion is always a good thing. You should't worry too much about ECs if you have decent recommendations and great essays.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>My EC's definitely could be better, I know. But my theatre program takes up a lot of time so it's difficult to do much else. I don't think I'll get in, but I was hoping for any advice that might make it slightly more possible. Thanks.</p>

<p>I strongly recommend you fall out of love with Yale. You have a chance, sure, but the love you pit into a college like Yale will probably not be reciprocated. While upper-middle level colleges are free to use interest as a metric for admission, Yale can safely assume that everybody who applies really wants to go there. I'd recommend you detach yourself some. Hope you get in, but don't place it on a pedestal.</p>

<p>Oh, I'm not delusional. It's kind of like having a crush on a celebrity :) I will apply to Yale, only if to get a letter addressed to me with the Yale letterhead on it, and to know that I tried. There is almost no chance of me getting in- I understand that completely.</p>

<p>Not going to comment on your chances....apply and could any of us guess without knowing the rigor of your program, the quality of your recs, your essays......those will be things that tip you one way or another.</p>

<p>Advice: do NOT fall in love with Yale OR ANY ONE SCHOOL. Fall in love with 6 schools, 8 schools, 10 schools with varying levels of selectivity. Fall in love with a BUNCH. Please don't set your heart on any one school now, any more than you would set your heart on your school's homecoming king/queen, assuming they are they only person you could be happy with. They're not, and Yale's not.</p>

<p>You might get in. Hope it happens for you, and you love it for the right reasons. But it is NOT for everyone, and it is not the answer to everything in life. You can be happy and successful at a dozen different schools......will you give your heart a break and let yourself really explore these other places, too? Good luck.</p>

<p>If I were reading your application I would want to know WHY you are in love with Yale? Is this just a prestige thing for you? You definitely make the cut, but it's not clear who you are and your stats look kindof generic. Writing and theater are two things that are very strong at Yale, so a lot of kids applying will have super achievements in those areas. Don't be afraid to drop another EC if there's more you can do with writing or theater to show a real passion and wider recognition. You need to bring your talents up to a level where you will be making a contribution to Yale. And good luck!</p>

<p>Okay- thank you. I need to think about why I love Yale so much- I actually teared up a couple minutes after getting out of the car, and the two classes I sat in on were incredible. I haven't figured out specifics yet- I appreciate your advice.</p>


<p>I disagree with some of the commentary here. I am a Yale alumnus and I have been an alumni interviewer in the past. I think you have a very solid package to offer. I say this because:</p>

<p>1) your scores, grades, etc. are great
2) you have excelled at a number of things (track, FH, etc.)
3) show a real, sustained commitment to something for which you are recognized (theater)</p>

<p>I assume recs are gonna be great. I think the linchpin for you will be your essays. I know from personal experience how few applicants, even with stellar scores, can compose a really arresting or compelling essay. Make sure your essays capture your personality and show a little style or pizzazz. Spend time on them and get feedback from people who you believe know a unique essay from run-of-the-mill pap.</p>

<p>Again, I honestly believe your package will be looked at carefully by the adcom -- just give them a little something to remember you by.</p>

I actually teared up a couple minutes after getting out of the car


<p>That's a little overdramatic...</p>

<p>Did you quit track and XC?</p>

<p>Gee, give the OP a break. If she was moved by something at Yale, then she was. </p>

<p>What I appreciate about her posts is that she takes even the critical advice with good humor, grace and humility...The latter, in particular, is a wonderful thing to see on this board.</p>

<p>Go for it, OP. You have a shot. Good luck.</p>

<p>I'll only weigh in b/c your stats sound similar to my D -- altho her SATs scores were a bit higher and her GPA was 3.92uw / 4.65w. National Merit Finalist etc. She also has 3 more AP classes on her transcript -- all 4s & 5s. Very strong ECs - leadership positions in theatre program and peer mentoring plus others.</p>

<p>She fell in love with Yale after our visit - had a GREAT interview w/alum (still not sure how much this means but he intimated that altho they say they interview everyone, they don't -- only about 50% of the kids get called). BUT she was realistic about the chances of getting in = when there are 10 kids applying for every spot.....well you can do the math.<br>
I know she was really disappointed when she didn't get in -- but who knows the whys of who gets in and who doesn't? </p>

<p>So she's headed to Georgetown -- not a bad fall back school, eh? It's actualyl better suited for her interest and she's is beyond excited about spending 4 years in Washington DC.</p>

<p>Others are right - don't 'fall in love' -- you're too young for that anyway!! Find some schools you know you'll be happy at -- apply to all of them -- chances are you will find yourself at a place that's a great match for you - maybe it'll even be Yale!!</p>

That's a little overdramatic...


<p>Her "passion" is theater, after all.</p>

<p>Haha GoldenCoast. I will be the first to admit that I can be a bit dramatic, but I actually did tear up. I do believe in instinct and I had a really strong reaction to Yale. Is that such a terrible thing?</p>

<p>and hahalolk- yes, I quit both because I started the theatre program, which doesn't really allow for sports practices.</p>

<p>gert777- thank you for that, by the way. I try to be realistic.</p>

<p>floridamom407- one of my good friends graduating this year fell for Yale, got rejected, and is headed for Georgetown as well! I am sure that I will end up somewhere wonderful, but Yale really blew me away and it will be sad when(if?) I get that rejection letter.</p>

<p>I think thge main reason everyone is telling you to not fall in love with Yale is just because of selectivity, and honestly, of course Yale cares if they're your number 1 or not, they don't want a class of Harvard wannabees :) plus they're the only "High" Ivy that asks straight on the app why you want to go, figure out why you want to go to Yale so much and pour that into the 500 characters or so that they give you(it doesn't hurt to explain it to the interviewer either:) )
that aside, being a good writer means that you'll have at least decent essays, I agree w/ the making them compelling part,
you are a rising Junior? you have time to improve on your stats and ec's and in the end, if you make a package good enough, you'll do fine anywhere you end up,:)</p>