IN MAY----Should i take the SAT II math IIC?

<p>should i take the math IIc, or even the math Ic, even though i have not prepared any for either. If i score badly on the test is there anyway to cancel the score or should i just not bother taking both until next year before sending apps in? and does a bad score always stay on the records or are like only the top three scores reported?</p>

<p>I am not finished taking pre-calc this year, but i'm not sure how hard the math Ic is...and i don't want to ruin my SAT II score reports with a low math math may i'm taking sat us hist. and bio. and im thinking of adding a math test...i don't know if i should wait to take the math test or maybe test the math test out......</p>

<p>you can cancel it right after. yes bad scores stay on the record but they consider your top (enter number here). math Ic is around SAT I math range. IIC has a bit of precal.</p>

<p>I suggest taking the math IIC later on because it has a more generous curve and looks better. Also, I believe taking 3 major tests in one day is TOO much.</p>

<p>what would be considered a good math IC score</p>

<p>Depends what type of colleges you are applying to. An average score at an average college won't be very competitive at a top Ivy. If you're interested in engineering or science, many colleges require the Math IIC.</p>