In much NEED of advice :) Thanks

I applied to UMBC, UMUC, CP @ Shady Grove, and UMD-CP Main Campus. UMUC was a last resort backup, in case I didn’t get into any of my choices, but recently, I heard that I had been admitted to UMBC. Though I was happy to receive good news, I later find out I have to give a reply to admission within next two weeks, by June 27th.

I submitted in my application to CP@USG and Main Campus-CP on Coalition on the regular deadline (June 1st). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the priority deadline, so my decision date won’t come until mid-July. College Park @ Shady Grove is on a rolling basis, so who knows when I’ll hear back from them.

My predicament here is, should I reply to UMBC and admit there? Or should I take my chances and wait for Shady Grove and/or main campus decisions and basically forgo my spot to go to UMBC?

Also forgot to mention that College Park is my top choice, either Shady Grove or main campus would be fine. :slight_smile:

I would accept your spot to UMBC before the deadline if you don’t hear back from anywhere you prefer. If you get into a preferred school after you accept at UMBC you can simultaneously let UMBC know you will not be attending and then accept the spot at your preferred school. However, you should expect to lose your deposit at UMBC.