In need of a teacher for AP Gov

<p>My teacher is not really doin her job at teaching politics in Ap Government. Not only that but she also messed up everyone's grades by her stupid instructions and tests. So now I am all freaking out about he AP test because I heard that it is one of the hardest. Please, guys, if you know any websites or books that I can use to prepare for it, please write them because they are my only chance of doing good on the exam. Thank you soo much :)</p>

<p>I just did a quick google search and found these sites which might be helpful:</p>

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<p>Thanx :) These are gonna be more of a help than my teacher...</p>

<p>I think AP Government is one of the easiest to self-study. However, also check out APEX. They're very expensive, but have a great reputation.</p>

<p>Anyone know any AP Comparative Government websites?</p>

<p>Hopefully it will turn out the be one of the easiest ap's to self-study. I am sorry if that sounds really stupid but what exactly is APEX? I don' t think I have heard of it it like Kaplan and the other prep books and exactly how expensive are they?</p>

<p>I love how I post about the same thing except for AP physics and most people simply critized saying it was my fault and the teacher couldn't be so bad...</p>

<p>w/e I got my Ti-89 titanium stolen today and I hate the world</p>

<p>APEX is a company that offers extremely good online AP classes. You can do a Google search and find their website. Some schools subsidize the fee of the online class. Without that, I think the fee is somewhere around $500 per class. However, it has a great reputation.</p>

<p>Join the club.</p>

I do not want it to seem that I am using my teacher as an excuse...but this is the first time in my life to get a B and it was a 93.1...when a 93.5 is an A... the thing is I tried my hardest...i really did...but she messed me up with a particular test...i do not wanna go into details because it is going to look like I am making up excuses. But see when there are only 3 A's total and kids are thinking of doing pettitions to get rid of her...there is definitily something wrong with the teacher...unfortunetely all I can do is make sure I do learn some politics before the AP test...</p>

<p>o0o and I am sorry for your calculator...two years ago I lost the one that the school had issued me and had to pay $100 :(</p>

<p>Here's a site for AP comparative gov't</p>

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