In need of guidance.

<p>I am a student at Northern Virginia Community College. I plan on transferring to a 4-year institution to study English.</p>

<p>I have explored using the Guaranteed Admissions Agreements for William and Mary and UVA, but I am not eligible for either (William and Mary requires one to sign an "Intent to Transfer" form which I cannot send in due to the past deadline, and UVA will not accept me because of a D that I received at NVCC).</p>

<p>My back-up plan is to apply to GMU under the GAA, but I am not keen on this, as I would prefer to leave NoVA to attend college elsewhere.</p>

<p>I have asked UVA to roll over my application for next fall, and I am exploring the same option for W&M (I applied to both schools for the spring and did not get in).</p>

<p>I also applied to Bowdoin College (for whatever reason. :X)</p>

<p>My stats:</p>

<p>3.68 GPA
1970/2400 on the SAT I
Phi Theta Kappa member
Improvisation/Drama Club member
I work part-time as well and I am looking to do volunteer work.</p>

<p>My question is: do I have a shot at UVA, W&M, or Bowdoin (heh) as a transfer student? What are some other schools that I should apply to? Anything else I can do to spruce up my qualifications?</p>

<p>Any advice and help is much appreciated.</p>

<p>Also: I've already completed my associate's in Social Sciences at NVCC.</p>

<p>Have you met with the transfer counselor at NOVA? That person should be able to help you sort through all of this.</p>

<p>I have, but my counselor has only explained my in-state options to me. I'd like to see what other OOS options I have, because I'd like to apply to a few other schools, and frankly, other than UVA and W&M (and even Mason), I'm not very sold on other IS schools.</p>

<p>I appreciate the reply.</p>

<p>my guess would be try to guaranteed transfer options, and also bowdoin has like a 2 percent transfer rate so i wouldn't even waste the application fee on that.</p>

<p>I'll admit the Bowdoin option was purely a trigger-happy application. :P</p>

<p>My first preference is to stay in state for undergrad, and move to a more prestigious institution for postgrad work, but I would like to explore as many options as possible at this point.</p>

<p>And it is not that I have anything against Mason - I have family and friends that go there - but UVA and W&M are far better schools in my opinion.</p>

<p>With my statistics above, does anyone think I have a chance at getting into either?</p>