In need of major help

<p>Basically, I am a New Yorker who can go to Cornell with the state-subsidized tuition. My parents can pay fully for Cornell for me, everything with room and board and tuition. However, my other school that I would like to go to is Northwestern or Johns Hopkins (probably not but idk yet), and they both cost with room and board and tuition 45,000. Therefore, I would have to take out 15,000 in loans per year, with a debt accumulating of 60,000. My parents said they may be able to pay that back later in life, when my dad retires or so but that is not a guarantee. My parents are pretty well-off, however, I have other siblings and my dad needs to provide for them as well. Since his income is pretty enormous, I did not qualify for any financial aid. However, since his stocks and investments were some-what killed by the crappy stock market, he can only provide the 30,000 Gs per year for each child. I plan on going to medical or law school in the future. In need of advice..... Is the 60,000 worth going to Northwestern over Cornell??????????? Thanks</p>

<p>Not worth an extra dollar let alone 60,000.</p>

<p>if the money really doesnt matter go for NU but if youll pocket the difference or ur parents could use it for something better than stick to cornell... its not exactly a safety/fall back school lol</p>

<p>Cornell. No brainer.</p>