In need of some advice

I need advice for where to research. Upcoming senior looking into business programs. Want to find what is absolutely best for my future, and I don’t want to stay in state. Looking at honors programs and just prestigious business schools. Public high school in Michigan. I’ve taken 5 AP’s. I have a 32 ACT and a 4.0 UW/4.55W.

Is UTexas BHP out of reach for me?

& just give me some advice for what schools to look into! I need some help!!


Your ACT is low for BHP, and your out of state. It’s unlikely you’d be accepted. But go ahead and apply. Can you afford UT out of state cost?

@itsgettingreal17 …The original COA is out of my range for sure. I would assume the students admitted to the BHP are likely to get generous scholarships, though I could not find much information on it.