In need of some help

<p>i dont know if this is relevant for this topic...i already transferred from a cc to a four year university a year ago and am currently enrolled in my last semester. After graduating ive decided to go back to a cc to take some more prereqs and apply to pharm school. So now i was just wondering if anyone knew what goes into the GPA calculation for pharm school. does my first 2 years at cc count averaged out with my 2 years at the 4 year university? and do the pharm prereqs i take this next year count as well? im just a little confused on this process. ohhh and also does anyone know if this is a good idea? heh. any help is appreciated! thanks!</p>

<p>Have you read the instructions for applicants at PHARMCAS?</p>

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<p>p. 19 states:</p>

List ALL accredited undergraduate, graduate, and professional institutions you have attended or plan to attend through the completion of the summer 2012 term. Enter all colleges and universities you attended EVEN IF THE COURSES ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION OR TRANSFERRED TO ANOTHER INSTITUTION. You must include non-degree programs (e.g., summer school) and foreign institutions attended. Enter each institution only once, regardless of the number of degrees earned or gaps in the dates of attendance.


<p>IOW, ALL your grades count, regardless of when or where you took them.</p>

<p>but when they calculate the gpa. everything gets equal consideration? for example, if a schools median gpa of acceptance is a 3.4... then would all my grades factor in as my gpa? would the 4 year university's grades be weighed more heavily?</p>