In need of some more college options.

<p>Im looking for some more possibilities</p>

<p>GPA- ~90</p>

<p>My progression through out high school:
Freshmen:Literacy- 90, Enlglish- 91, Global Hist 9- 98, Gym- 98, Earth Sci- 88, Alg- 71, Spanish- 76, Studio Art- 71
Soph: Spanish- 77, Into. Engin.(PLTW)- 93, Health- 93, Bio- 79, Glbl History 10- 87, Alg/Geo- 86, Gym- 100, English 98
Junior: Lifeguarding/Gym- 100, U.S. Hist- 95, Microsoft office/Adv- 97(both), Chem- 74, English Honors- 96, Geometry- 82, Civ. Engi. & Arch(PLTW)- 90</p>

<p>Senior Year- Ap Econom, Ap Gov, College Bio, College English, Psych, Jornalism and Trig</p>

<p>As you can see my grades are kind of rocky in Spanish and Science our school is at a rough point atm teacher layoffs teachers being absent all year and freshmen year Art i almost failed out because we had a teacher who recently (rumor) was suspended for looking down a girls shirt. He was suspened a few years ago for asking girls to take an off campuse nude drawing class the guy is a perv and told so many students to jump out windows and cut them selves with box cutters. He thought his tenure made him invincible made me sick >.<</p>

<p>NY Regent Grades
Earth Sci- 83
Algebra- 83
Global hist- 90
Bio- 83 retook junior year with absolutely no review and got an 86 (FAIL)
Spanish- 81
ELA- 92
Geometry- 80
Chem- 69
U.S hist- 99 </p>

<p>On track for Advance Regents diploma just need Trig Senior Year</p>

<p>SATs- CR reading I got a 550 (others are too horrific to even post) but i walked into it with no prep at all, so I plan on retaking as well as ACTs</p>

XC - 10-12
Indoor/Outdoor Track - 10-12
FBLA 11-12
Volunteering for Local 10k/5k road race Junior (kid) Day 10-12
I have done a bunch of Charity Runs for Nursing Home/Breast Cancer Awareness/Local Medical Facilities</p>

<p>My List Thus far:</p>

<p>SUNY - University at Buffalo
Syracuse University
The College of St. Rose
University of New Haven
Marymount Manahattan College
Stony Brook University</p>

<p>I truthfully have no idea about my chances at these schools but I dont think they are totally unrealistic</p>

<p>What I want in a school: I am obsessed with architecture although I dont want to major in it any more but still I'm looking for colleges that have inspiring architecture that will influence me to work hard. either Modern or old world</p>

<p>Oh and ideal majors would be Biology, Marine Biology, Genetics with intended goal of Pre-Medical. Ooo and i always thought Botany would be a cool major (relation to medical research) but I dont think any colleges on the east coast offer it as a major (that i have found).</p>

<p>Thank You for your help in advance!</p>

<p>anyone know any schools that may fit me?</p>

<p>Many colleges recalculate your HS GPA. In other words, remove the electives and recalculate your GPA using strictly the core subjects: History, English, Math, Science (bio, chem, physics), and Foreign Language. Do not include Gym, Microsoft Office, Lifeguarding, Art, Health, Intro. to engineering, etc.</p>

<p>Based on rigor, Regent's scores, adjusted GPA, and SAT scores, SUNY Plattsburgh, SUNY Oswego, and SUNY Potsdam appear to be reasonable matches. Try taking the ACT exam.</p>