In need of some serious advice....

<p>I have alot of questions about SATs and stuff, and really need honest opinion at this point. So, I am applying to MIT early action, and I just took the SAT IIs yesterday. Biology and Chemistry looked really good, but the Math II was miserable. My regular SAT math scores are crummy too, my highest being 670. I honestly dont understand how I can be taking AP Calculus BC but i cannot for my life do well on the SATs. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a chance that admissions officers see my AP Calculus class and somewhat negate my SAT math scores? No matter how hard I study, the Math always evades me on test day and it sucks because the overwhelming majority of people that get accepted to top schools have very good SATs. Im not trying to make selectivity my number one priority, but I get the feeling that going to a less selective school will make me miserable with boredom.... Ahhhh any advice would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>In addition - I dont know if the rest of my credentials would give further insight but ill let you make that choice:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.575 weighted
Class Rank: 47/763
SAT: 680 CR, 670 M, 730 W
AP: Biology: 5
Psychology: 5
US History: 3
English Language: 3</p>

<p>Senior Year: Chemistry
Computer Science A
English Lit
Calculus BC (Self study)</p>

Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Challenge 2007 - First regional, 3rd national, MVL along with various record times</p>

<p>Volunteer at First Aid Squad and hospital, combined about 20 hrs a week</p>

<p>Employment at Six Flags... Ride Operations Team Lead (management position) for 2 years (50+ hrs a week)
Six Flags Water Park - Head Lifeguard for 2007 (50+ hrs a week for entire season)</p>

<p>Ski Club</p>

<p>Varsity Soccer 9th & 10th..</p>

<p>Unusual Circumstances: Became extremely ill sophmore year and spent half the year in the hospital, somewhat recovery came at the end of junior year after having surgery 2 weeks before my first AP exam.</p>

<p>******I dont want chances...just hoping to give greater context for my question... =)</p>

<p>I had the opposite problem - excellent SAT math scores, mediocre math grades and a low AP Calc BC score. I got in.</p>

<p>The 670 is rather on the low side though. But if you did well in Calc really just need to prove, somehow, that you will be capable of passing the math requirements at MIT.</p>

I get the feeling that going to a less selective school will make me miserable with boredom


<p>Unlikely. You might have more fun at a place like MIT, but many of the dreaded-by-CC state schools have honors programs, challenging grad classes that you can take if you have the prereqs, and research opportunities for students. And there are plenty of schools that are less selective than MIT but still selective.</p>