In on appeal :D

<p>So I guess I must have gotten really lucky but I appealed to UCSB after getting waitlisted at Cal Poly, UCI, and denied from UCLA and UCSD. For some reason I got letters saying I had gotten in to UCM and UCR even though I hadn't applied to them, and I also got in to UNR. Then more recently I found out I had been denied from UCI and Cal Poly. Anyways, in my opinion my appeal sucked, I didn't bring up new and compelling evidence or even have a real basis, and did the minimum, leaving out the 2 letters of recommendation. I was also stupid because I waited till the deadline to send in the appeal, and didn't even realize I could check its status online. Regardless, somehow I got a letter in the mail last Friday saying I had been accepted. I'm really excited :D</p>

<p>Hey, nice work =D</p>

<p>The reason that you were accepted to UCMerced and UCRiverside is that the UCs guarantee a spot at "A UC" if you are a CA resident and meet the qualifcations.</p>

<p>Welcome Bryce!</p>