In - Person Classes

I was wondering what classes all the freshman are taking. Do you have any in person classes, if so which ones? I suck at online classes so I’ve been looking for some alternatives to get me on campus.

When my daughter registered, she had 3 in-person classes and one online class (PSY 2012, which I think might be taught ONLY online). She had building and room numbers for everything and it all looked good.

Then, the room numbers went away, but everything still looked good. Later all of the classrooms changed to TBD and when I looked further I found out all of her classes had been switched to online.

It won’t help for people to post their schedules for you UNLESS the classes are STILL online. Supposedly, all class descriptions on July 1 are supposed to remain, but I have not been able to find any in-person sessions for my daughter’s basic freshman courses.

You would be better off contacting an adviser and getting them to help you.

Also, the way Florida covid cases are spiking right now (especially in Orlando), anything and everything could change between now and August 24.

Right now, 2/5 of my daughter’s classes are still scheduled to be held in person, both intro classes for her intended majors. One is meeting 6x over the semester, and she received an email from the professor saying attendance will not be taken and videos of the classes will be available for students who are unable to attend. The other one is scheduled 1x a week and there is a note in the schedule that further details will be given by the instructor on the first day of class. One of her classes was always scheduled to be online, the other two were changed shortly after she registered. I’ve actually encouraged her to drop a class to get down to 12 credit hours because I feel like that is a lot of online class time, but she wants to give the full schedule a shot, luckily she is a good online learner.

She’s lucky. We started out with 3 in person classes and one online. Then, the day after we agreed to the new housing addendum, everything suddenly changed to 100% online.

Very disappointing, and it’s created some dissension among the family with some wanting our daughter to stay home. We even have a good friend who keeps trying to butt into the conversation!

In UCF’s defense, they’ve done the best they could with a very difficult situation.