in senior year trying to decide my future

i feel so undecided on everything i nelp help some advise or something som tips on my test on freshman year, dorm life, i have so many questions . i know i want a nursing major but other than that i have no idea where to go from that

You don’t need to have all of those things figured out right now! Think of it as less “deciding your future” and more “thinking about the next few years of your life.” Your future is a long one, and will not be determined by any one or any small set of decisions - but will unfold over a series of many decisions over a long time.

If you know you want a nursing major, you can start by looking for colleges that have that major and also have other things that you want.

If it helps, nurses are in high demand and can earn substantial salaries in this much needed profession.

Take a deep breath. All you need is somewhere affordable. Nursing is a very employable degree, so you should be fine if it’s a decently accredited school. College parties are not only overrated and shallow, most the kids who do it on any semi-regular basis are the ones on academic probation. It’s best to avoid them completely, because all they are is a distraction. Those exotic Cancun trips you hear about during spring break…don’t happen in real life, unless mom and dad are rich. Real college life is generally busy and social life is very limited.